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intro to margeaux.......

hey everyone. my name's margeaux and i'm a 25/f/bi/goth/pagan chick living on the coast of maine with my boyfriend of 8 years, our 6-year old daughter and a menagerie of exotic pets. i'm an artist/snake breeder/ghost hunter.

you can see a fairly long list of my interests on my profile page. i could list them all over again here, but that would be pretty redundant. (like they won't be listed again in my intro letter. lol)

i'd mostly like to hear from other bi, bi-curious, goth or pagan girls, preferably in the u.s. or canada, at the moment. it's a plus if you have kids, but i don't discriminate against the child-free.;-) i prefer pals that are into long letters and really getting to know their pals as friends. personally, i tend to write extremely long, rambling, letters and send lots of photos.

if it matters to you, i nearly always handwrite my letters, but some (including my intro usually) will be typed. i have some muscle/nerve/joint problems that affect my hands at times and make it impossible to use a pen, especially for 20+ pages, which is the norm for me.

i'm also looking for new fb and xxx fb swappers. i'm getting back into them after a long hiatus. i enjoy swapping them in bulk. i also swap slams. i'm taking a break from decos for now, but i also like to swap movies, music, books, clothes, pretty much anything mail-able.

my life can be pretty hectic and i'm pretty quirky & surrounded by complete wackos, so i always have interesting stories to tell.

feel free to say hi and ask me anything; i'm an open book.
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