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New girl in town...Flavia/24/Female/Brazil

Name - Flavia
Age/D.O.B. - 24 at the moment...12th of March 1982
e-mail - fraveea@gmail.com
Location - Southeast Brazil, here i am!
Do you swap/collect anything? Yes i do! I love to swap stationery, specially if it's super kawaii! I also swap postcards,phonecards,stamps,little knick knacks...and i collect Sanrio stationery - have been doing so for the last 13 years!
What are your hobbies? I love to read,travel,learn new languages,yoga, massage, watch tv shows, and more!Can't really tell you everything here, right?:)
music? punk rock/ska/some rock
movies? too many to mention! but i adore requiem for a dream,fight club,pan's labyrinth,city of god...
books? the bell jar by sylvia plath
website? does livejournal count? if not, then ebay!:P
sport? does fork-lifting count? errr then...volleyball i guess!
animal? panda bears! and koalas!
candy? anything with chocolate on it! i'm addicted!:)

anything else you would like to share? i'd like you to write the first letter, i've had so many weird experiences with people who told me they'd write me back and never did! I'm always looking for new people to write to - i can't stand an empty mailbox!:)
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